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Dreo Smart Fan

Dreo Smart Fan

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  • Groundbreaking beyond any floor fan: While most fans limit your options to a couple of speeds, Dreo PolyFan brings more ways to control air with 6 wind modes and up to 8 speeds, whether you want close-range cooling or blow a powerful jet of air throughout your living room, this standing fan got you covered.
  • Bring air cooling farther than ever: Dreo pedestal fan gets channelled into a focused stream of air that produces a massive 882CFM of air volume and travels as far as 100 ft. With Dreo's WingBoost technology, air isn't just blown away, it covering every inch of your bedroom, office and any other indoor spaces.
  • Omni-directional Oscillation: Experience unparalleled air circulation with this standing fan. Its 105° vertical and 120° horizontal oscillation distributes air more efficiently throughout your entire room, allowing you to share the freshness not only you alone but also with your family and friends. You can even customize the airflow direction easily from your smartphone.
  • Sleep tight, PolyFan barely makes any noise: This oscillating fan is meticulously designed to reduce Aerodynamic Noise, its Brushless DC Motor, paired with a custom blade design, enables it to operate at an extraordinary noise level of just 25dB.
  • Ready for true intelligent control? With Dreo Smart Fan, you can effortlessly switch modes, adjust oscillation angles and speeds using just your voice, smartphone, or the convenient remote control. The built-in display allows you to quickly check the status of your device. If you prefer manual settings, PolyFan got those too.
  • Convenience made for you: This floor fan has adjustable height from 37.96 to 43.5 Inch to fit any place you need it to be. Worried about turning it off or the distraction of the LED light? The built-in timer and display auto-off settings help you wind down without any stress. Wondering about cleaning? The removable parts make a breeze.



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