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Dreo 6L Smart Humidifier

Dreo 6L Smart Humidifier

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  • The Ultimate Humidifying Solution: The Dreo Humidifier HM713S brings super fast 500mL/hr humidification with faster warm mist (86°F in just 5 minutes) for instant dryness relief. Thanks to MistWave humidification technology, this humidifier for home creates a 43-inch tall mist with finer particles spread humidity evenly across any room you use it, while its 6L tank ensures longer-run time to humidify for days.
  • Precise Room Humidity Control: Thanks to its accurate sensing and compensation algorithm, the Dreo Humidifier 713S for bedroom lets you effectively set your target humidity within ±5%, twice more precise than traditional humidifiers, while its humidity indicator light lets you easily check your living room humidity from far away.
  • 3 Modes - One Touch: The Dreo Humidifier HM713S gives you more ways to customize humidity to your lifestyle. From its Manual Mode that includes 3 levels of mist, Auto Mode that lets you set your target humidity anywhere between 30 to 90%, and Sleep Mode that automatically turns off lightning and reduces noise for a peaceful sleep.
  • Easy and convenient smart APP: Keeping your air fresh and healthy is much easier thanks to the Dreo app. See real-time humidity readings, track humidity levels for up to 30 days, receive and customize smart cleaning reminders.
  • Dual-aroma Pad Tray: Change your environment in one step thanks to the new dual-aroma pad tray design, now you just need to move the aroma pad tray cover to switch between scents throughout the day.



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